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Abu Julian 7th December 2010 11:19 AM

الأسبرين مع الحليب قبل النوم يخفف من الإصابة بالسرطان
خبر أعجبني في صحيفة تلغراف أحببت أن أنقله لكم (بالإنكليزية):

The Daily Telegraph

Aspirin with milk cuts cancer; Aspirin 'better than screening for cancer'
TAKING a quarter of an aspirin with milk before you go to bed every night could reduce your chance of developing cancer in middle age by more than 20 per cent, the biggest study of its kind has found.
Even healthy people over the age of 45 benefit from taking the painkiller, with the advantages of a small daily dose "drowning out" the risk of any side effects, according to the researchers from Oxford University.
It cuts the risk of all cancers by a fifth, but it has a stronger effect on some particular types, such as lung and throat cancer, reducing the risk of developing them by up to 60 per cent. The calcium in milk is thought to enhance the drug's beneficial effects.
This combined with the effect aspirin has on heart disease, means that a daily dose of the painkiller between the ages of 45 and 70 cuts a person's risk of dying during that time from any form of illness by 10 per cent.
The study is so compelling that the researchers are convinced it will lead to a change in public health prevention guidelines.
Doctors have known for a long time that aspirin, which thins the blood, can protect against heart disease and stroke but the study shows the "wonder drug" has an even stronger effect on cancer.
An increase in the risk of stomach and intestinal bleeding associated with taking the pill regularly has made many health experts reluctant to recommend it to healthy people, but the study could tip the balance, claim the researchers.
Anyone with a family history of heart disease or cancer would be especially helped by taking the painkiller. A team of researchers led by Prof Peter Rothwell reviewed the data from eight separate trials on aspirin which together included 25,570 patients taking the drug regularly for an average of four years .
They found that "all cause mortality" was reduced by 10 per cent for those taking a 75mg dose of the drug. A normal over-the-counter pill contains 300mg.
If taken with milk at night it could be even more effective, the researchers added.
For individual cancers the effect could be even stronger. The 20-year risk for prostate cancer was reduced by about 10 per cent, for lung cancer 30 per cent, bowel cancer 40 per cent and oesophageal or throat cancer by 60 per cent.
The Lancet study suggests greater aspirin use could save thousands of lives a year in relation to cancer alone. Combined, all cancers claim more than 150,000 lives in Britain every year, while cardiovascular disease accounts for some 200,000 deaths.
Prof Rothwell, 46, who started taking aspirin two years ago, said it was likely to have a major impact on public health, and be even more effective than screening.
He added: "I think it is not for me, the person who has done the research, to make recommendations but I suspect that the guidelines. will be updated as a result of these findings.
"This is likely to be much more effective than screening. It looks as though there is a pretty large benefit in terms of reducing cancer and the risks are really pretty low. It looks likely the longer you take aspirin, the greater the benefit."
Prof Peter Elwood, of Cardiff University's School of Medicine, who conducted the first trial into the effect of aspirin on heart disease in the 1970s, started taking the drug about that time. Now 80, he believes the risks are "trivial" compared with the benefits.
However, it is believed the risk of internal bleeding is too high for those over 75 to take the drug regularly. It is thought that aspirin works on cancer because it boosts the body's ability to root out, repair or kill rogue cells that can develop into the disease. A spokesman for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence said it would look at the evidence when reviewing guidelines. © 2010 Telegraph Group Limited, London

drrany noufal 8th December 2010 09:59 PM

شكراًأبو جوليان ع المقال و إن شالله رح أعمل على ترجمته إلى اللغة العربية
كون يوجد صعوبة في فهم المصطلحات الطبية من قبل القراء بسبب أن أغلبهم ليسوا أطباء و الغاية منه ( أي المنتدى الطبي ) هو التثقيف الصحي

Abu Julian 9th December 2010 11:31 AM

شكرا لمرورك دكتور....

وكما أرجو أن تذكر سلبيات الأسبرين والتحذير من تناوله في بعض الحالات المرضية....

مع الشكر

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