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rebekkajoost 20th December 2008 08:03 PM

Comming holidays ideas
Sorry if I am post in "English forum" category, but I am think it's the most suitable.Stay not long time before christmas and happy new years holidays. I am have big famaly and now I am even not know what kind of gifts make to my friends and famaly.So my kids, husband, siters, brother and my and husban's parents. :)Who also don't know what to present to they? What gifts (not expensive) I can present to my famaly? Any ideas?What your friends and parent get from you on christmas? :) Thank you!

Nada1981 21st December 2008 03:59 AM

Dear rebekkajoost

:gthumb: First: welcome to Zaidal forums, we’re happy to have you here

Buying a gift is the most difficult task for me, so what I always buy, for Christmas or birthdays, is Perfume, very simple gift

:rose2: My regards


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